Nicky Evans

(Master Trainer – GoDT)

Nicky Evans and her dogsNicky Evans (the owner of Happy Tails) has lived in Merthyr Tydfil 2008. She has 4 dogs – a Whippet called Smudge, a Lurcher called Maisey, a Jack Russell Terrier called Bryn and a rescue lurcher called Dixie.

Nicky Evans is a “Master Dog Trainer” with the Guild of Dog Trainers and is currently studying for a degree in Canine Behaviour and Psychology with the Cambridge Institute of Dog Behaviour and Training (CIDBT).  Nicky also has a diploma (with distinction) in Canine Health & Nutrition with The British College of Canine Studies.

Basic Dog Handling & Training Skills (providing the knowledge/experience to train dogs in a basic obedience level of training)

Professional Instructor Skills & Management (providing the knowledge/experience required to train owners in how to train their dogs)

Understanding Canine Care & Behaviour

Common Canine Behaviour Problems (which further increases the range of problem areas that Nicky is able to help you deal with to get the most of your life with your dogs)

Advanced Dog on Dog Aggression (providing training strategies for eliminating dog on dog aggression in a domestic situation)

Advanced Dog on Person Aggression (providing training strategies for eliminating dog on person aggression in a domestic situation)

If you would like to find out more about the training offered by Happy Tails please get in touch and ask for Nicky to discuss your individual training needs


Nicky has so much patience with us as learners and as a dog owner I can see her genuine care for all dogs. I would highly recommend Nicky for Dog Training.
— Catherine Singer (& Merv)

Price is fantastic for the quality given. Really impressed. Trainer is very informative and gives loads of useful information and goes above and beyond with being at the end of the phone, email and bringing things like extra leads. All very helpful